Italian Top Destinations For an Unforgettable Family Trip

by Darya Boronilo

Buon Viaggio –  “Have a Nice Trip” to Italy, Family Trip!

Italy is well known as a fabulous family vacation destination. Yet some might wonder what to expect when traveling to Italy as a family. There are numerous opportunities for unique and memorable adventures that are fun to experience together. The options are limitless for your vacation in Italy. You can go for dynamic holidays with outdoor activities and road trips. On the other hand, you can choose island hopping and relaxing family time at some beach resorts. Above all, trip to Italy is an opportunity to spend quality time together and discover new things. As you are having fun, you are also building beautiful family memories that your children will tell to theirs.
Some destinations are particularly great for a family vacation. They offer exciting accommodation options and activities for various age groups.

Here are some of the most exciting ideas for your perfect family tour of Italy:
Happy family on vacation

Enjoy quality family time in a Tuscany Villa Resort with fine wine and a pool.

Tuscany is one of the best wine regions and destinations to spend quality time together. Rent a convertible, throw back the top, and enjoy the panoramic view the Tuscan countryside offers in a Cabrio. Follow the road shaded by slender cypresses to your traditional stone house. Spend the sunny days in your yard by the pool listening to the chirp of cicadas among the olive groves. Moreover, many estates offer numerous activities such as horseback riding or  “hunting” for truffles – the most famous and expensive fungi widely used in local Italian cuisine.
Food and wine tours in Italy are particularly popular, especially in Tuscany. Parents and those traveling with their older children may enjoy exclusive tasting rooms of Tuscan wines. In addition, they can taste accompanying delicacies. The most famous are various types of meat, pecorino cheese,  and hearty meat sauces. Wine tasting tours here are a lavish way to try powerful yet balanced Chianti blends. Chianti is a full-bodied wine made of mainly Sangiovese with other local grape varieties.
In the afternoon, those with kids of all ages will enjoy setting off for travel across the region. As the result, you can see medieval castles, sunflower fields, and neatly planted rows of grapevines in the passing vineyards. Stop at small towns with tiled roofs and magnificent viewpoints for an aperitive. Need more excitement? Book a hot-air balloon ride over the picturesque rolling hills. Glide over the golden fields with huge rolls of hay, green forests, and remote villages in the soft sunset light. If you can time it just right, you can even spot some graceful wild deer that are common in this area.
Mom with 2 kids enjoying pool

Active time together in
the Dolomites.

In winter, the Dolomites Mountain range is home to numerous national parks and ski resorts perfect for hitting the slopes during an active family vacation. Skiing in northern Italy is the lifestyle –  sunny tracks, stylish Italian ski outfits, staying in cozy mountain chalets, or lodging in beautiful historic hotels. Take a moment to enjoy the crisp alpine air at one of the many terraces overlooking some of the most impressive sceneries in the world.
If you decide to travel to Italy in the summer, your children can enjoy unspoiled natural surroundings, walking, cycling, or camping. As a result, this is a great place to teach them a few essential survival skills. Stay together at one of the camping sites for a few days. Really connect with your kids while they help you set up the tent and prepare the sleeping bags. Take one of the hiking trails together and show your children how a compass works. Finally, pick up your ingredients before you get to your site, teach them a few recipes you learned when you were their age, and enjoy a night under the stars. Use this time to disconnect from all gadgets and discover the nature surrounding you and your family –  ancient pines, seething waterfalls, starry skies, and a cracking fire

Very happy mom and kid in Dolomites
Family Road trip in Puglia.

Puglia is located at the ‘heel’ of Italy’s boot. Puglia is an excellent location for Italy’s summer travel with a bit of a twist, ideal for a family trip. Additionally, the region is the best option for families willing to go on a holiday road trip focused on sightseeing. The cozy rural landscape and local hospitality can be best enjoyed in small towns renowned for their tranquility. Spend leisurely days among centuries-old churches and chalky houses entwined with summer flowers. Later walk along the fishing boats in crystal blue bays and old olive mills. Numerous authentic family-run restaurants are clinging to the cliffs. Therefore you can taste great fresh local seafood dishes and grilled meat. Not surprisingly, the smell of homemade pasta generously seasoned with spices spread along the narrow streets.  
The area is full of magnificent colors. Turquoise waters of the sea contrast with white limestone buildings. Dark green olive groves highlight deep purple wine grapes and the fantastic red soils of the vineyards. A highlight of Puglia is the town of Alberobello, known for its Trulli,’ traditional Apulian dry stone huts with a conical roof. Many places can be easily rented, and kids will particularly enjoy the unique accommodation. The huts appear as though they are straight from one of the Smurfs’ adventures! 
Dad and kid enjoying Puglia streets

Discover the power of
a Volcano on a day trip to Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. 

Take a day out of your family trip to explore Pompeii, an ancient Roman city near Naples. It was once a thriving and sophisticated city. Close to the Bay of Naples, it became an attraction for wealthy people from Rome coming to Pompeii on vacation in the 2nd century BC. By the 1st century, it became a luxurious resort for the most distinguished citizens of the Roman Empire. Due to the sudden eruption of Vesuvius, the town and everyone in it were buried alive under a layer of volcanic ash in  79 AD. With its’ runes and the remains of people, it is now a part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
With how well so many of the buildings were preserved, Pompeii is the only archaeological site in the world that gives a complete picture of how the ancient Roman city was organized. While visiting this unique location, you can breathe in the history and admire artifacts of the Roman city almost precisely as it had been  2,000 years before. Feel the power of Mount Vesuvius and let your children witness remarkable natural wonders and historical artifacts.

Mount Vesuvius in Italy
Vatican educational tour with kid-friendly activities.

Museums can inspire kids and give them many opportunities to learn and discover! Watch your children fill with wonder at ancient Egyptian gods, Greek statues in harmony, and extraordinary ceilings painted by the best Renaissance artists as they walk through the Vatican’s famous sights: Sistine Chapel, The Pinacoteca, and Gregorian Egyptian Museum. After that, our tour continues through numerous galleries and exhibition halls hosting priceless works of art collected for centuries. 

 Firstly, marvel at the masterpieces of Botticelli, Michelangelo, Bernini, and many other outstanding artists. Afterward, walk through rich decorated galleries under magnificent high ceilings with frescos, gold, and marble elements. A guided tour is an excellent option for families. It allows seeing the largest museum complex in the world in an efficient and fun way. As a result, nowadays, many travel experts adapt guided tours to the ages and interests of children. After the tour, you might take a chance to relax in the silence and greenery of the Vatican gardens, considered the most beautiful in Europe.
Family visiting Vatican City
Another exciting activity for children is sending postcards to their friends through the Vatican Postal Department, founded in the XIV (14th) century and known for its’ unique stamps. Finally, before leaving, watch the changing of the Swiss Guards,  the oldest army in the world. Their bright uniforms and precision movements will greatly impress both kids and adults.
Italy is quickly found to be a very family-oriented vacation destination. Apart from being affordable and easy to move around, it can comfortably satisfy the various interests of a full range of family members. A family trip in Italy means beautiful locations, new discoveries, and delicious cuisine. Wherever your Italian trip takes you, it will create long-lasting happy memories, introduce your children to enriching experiences and fascinating culture, and inspire them to a lifelong love of adventure. 
Mom and Kid in Vatican City

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