Four Fantastic Fall Destinations in Italy

by Chris Atwood

Fall is a glorious time for a vacation in Italy, full of unique travel experiences — especially when you know where to skip the crowds. Autumn in Italy is when the tourist crowds start to thin—with shorter lines with cooler (more walkable) weather. We will introduce you to four fantastic fall destinations perfect for your vacation in Italy!

 Here are our travel experts’ favorite fall destinations in Italy:

Destination#1: Val d’Orcia (Tuscany)

Tuscany brims with charming towns and rolling vineyards, especially in the quiet Val d’Orcia region. Located just a 2-hour drive south of Florence, Val d’Orcia is easily reached while still feeling removed from the crowds.

September through October is harvest season in Tuscany, so fall travelers to Italy can watch locals pick grapes from the vine. Wine lovers might sip on the famed Brunello varietal from Tuscany.

At the same time, foodies can enjoy tasting local pecorino cheese on a private food tour of Tuscany’s family farms. Be sure to try some of the more popular dishes that are a favorite of those visiting Tuscany.

Crostini Toscani, comprised of chicken liver pate served on a thin piece of sliced toasted bread stick, will be hard to miss. Be sure to indulge in more pasta by enjoying a bowl of Tagliatelle al Tartufo, a memorable pasta dish. Long ribbons of delicate tagliatelle pasta swirled with warm, melted butter and garlic; finished with shavings of black truffle and Parmigiano cheese.

Sunset falls over an stone estate surrounded by trees and vineyards

Destination #2: Piedmont’s Wine Country

Travel experts have called Piedmont, Italy,  the “next Tuscany.” Why travel to Piedmont, Italy? Piedmont’s quaint hilltop towns, lush vineyards, generous wine tasting, and decadent cuisine lure Italy travelers into the know.

Piedmont arguably has the unofficial title of Italy’s best food region, its contender being Emilia-Romagna. It’s no surprise that Piedmont’s wines are outstanding and thought among Italy’s best; it could be just enough to give them the edge.

Tucked in Italy’s northwest, Piedmont offers a charm all its own. During October, the hills of Piedmont’s Le Langhe wine region burn yellow as the vines change color. The season creates one of the most majestic views; take the opportunity to sit on a terrace overlooking the neatly planted vineyards while sipping on a glass of a full-bodied red. 


Landscape view a stone estate house set in rolling hills covered with lush vineyards


Fall is white truffle season in Piedmont. The town of Alba hosts an annual white truffle fair from October through November —spotlighting this world-famous Northern Italian food specialty. Folks traveling to Northern Italy in the fall can also bask on the quiet shores of Lago d’Orta, a calm lake bordered by foliage-draped hills.

Destination #3: Umbria

Located just a couple of hours’ drive from Rome, the lush region of Umbria is a crowd-free fall destination in Italy. Why travel to Umbria in the fall? Umbria is home to postcard-perfect towns— like Orvieto, Spoleto, Perugia, and Assisi. Some of the best for small group tours. 


Crop ready for harvest with a older city set into a hillside


 Umbria abounds with wooded glens and delicious Italian foods. Travelers with a sweet tooth can head to Perugia in October for its annual Eurochocolate festival. Or, visitors might enjoy staying at a hilltop villa or castle hotel. Italy travelers can hunt for black truffles in Umbria’s woods in the fall months or make pasta from a local nonna in a hands-on cooking class on some Italy tours.

Destination #4: Lucca (Tuscany)

What’s there to see and do in Tuscany in the fall? A lot more than Florence and Chianti! Some things to do in fall in Tuscany include:

  • Tasting Brunello wine at a vineyard 
  • Biking the walled city of Lucca
  • Visiting an Italian olive oil farm 
  • Sunning on Elba Island’s pebble beaches

The walled city of Lucca lies in Tuscany’s north—just near the Apennine mountains. Tuscan vineyards and olive orchards surround Lucca, an ideal fall day trip. 


view through an archway looking into a city centre


Tuscany travelers can watch farmers gather olives from the trees before pressing them into emerald-green extra virgin olive oil. Active travelers might enjoy a bike tour of Tuscany in the countryside around Lucca, stopping at a family-run farm for a traditional Tuscan Italian gourmet lunch. During the fall, Lucca also hosts food festivals celebrating the area’s natural bounty—including chestnuts, farro, and wild boar, excellent for small group travel.

Is fall a great time to book a tour of Italy?

Traveling to Italy in the fall is one of the best times to visit Italy — whether you’re looking to do a tasting tour of Tuscany’s vineyards or eat chocolate in Perugia. Explore more of Italy’s off-the-beaten-path destinations in your free map—just click below to download! 

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