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What Sets Us ApartWhy Book With Us?

What sets See Italy Travel apart from the other tour operators that sell Italy?

We're the passionate Italian travel designers… but don't take our word for it!  Read the below and then mosey on over
to our testimonials page and hear it straight-up from the people who've worked with us and know the real-deal!


This is the most important reason as to why you will want to do business with us. We value our agency partners so much that we TRAIN them to make sure they have an excellent understanding of what they sell. Italy might seem like an easy country to sell but most of the agents that sell it only know the 3 big cities: Rome, Florence and Venice, and even then, they will only be able to sell the most basic tours, the ones they find online. We, at See Italy Travel, make sure that you learn what lies beyond the basics so that you can set yourself apart from the masses but more importantly our partnership will allow you to service your clients better than you could have ever imagined. You are an expert, let us help you believe that! One thing is saying it, another is KNOWING it. We invite you to take our online classes so that your client’s won’t have to be convinced, they will understand it by the way you talk about the country…with confidence.


Our customized itineraries are all different and built specifically for each of your clients.
Even our scheduled departures are not similar to other tours you have seen around.


We guarantee replies within 48 hours. We don’t take weeks to get back to you and we are just a phone call away. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the time difference, we are available during normal business hours for both American and Italian time zones. Because we have offices in Italy and the US, you have access to us 24 hours a day in case of an emergency. We are always available so that you can keep your beauty sleep while we take care of your clients.


We quote our itineraries in USD and our prices will never fluctuate depending on the economy turnaround or world moods.


All our agents speak Italian and have all lived in Italy and the US. We understand both cultures well, we make sure we keep the Italian flair in everything we suggest, and we do it all with added professionalism. In fact, all of our agents were travel agents before dedicating themselves to the Italian world of travel. We have a training program that all of our staff must complete which insures that all of our clients receive the same level of professionalism and quality.


We stay in touch with you from the time you contact us to the time your clients say “goodbye” to Italy. In other words, we don’t forget about you and your clients after we collect the first payment… if you know what I mean then you will realize how important it is to KNOW that we will be there for you and your clients from the beginning through the end. That is a promise from me because this is who we are!


Our newsletters are informative, not just another piece of undesirable mail! Ask our other travel agency partners, they love to receive them and read them…

We strongly believe in educating you so that you know the details of what you are selling. We have created a series of free webinars. These webinars will give you the confidence you need to know what you are talking about. You won’t be guessing anymore and if there are things you don’t know then we are available to be on the phone WITH you and your client for a 3 way call, if need be. Afterwards, we are your partners in travel!

Our educational trips to Italy are a can’t-miss endeavor and are immeasurably helpful in order for you to understand what we are doing and what we are talking about. The love we have for our country can be spread among others… we love to share our passion for Italy with others.


Once you see our itineraries you won’t think twice about who to use for Italy. You will start getting the right clients, clients that will stay with you a lifetime. You will ooze knowledge and confidence for what you are talking about because you are not “selling” anymore, you are simply drawing people into your NEW world!


See Italy is a division of the Laura Massoni Travel Corporation.