Piedmont – Glorious in Every Season

by Darya Boronilo
Crystal clean air, dizzying landscapes, and cities of extraordinary elegance. Journey with us, across mountains suitable for skiing and hiking, through charming villages, and indulge in some of the world’s most famous wines – all located in the beautiful Italian Alps of the Piedmont region!
As you travel, you will quickly understand why Piedmont is a hidden Italian gem. The region’s nickname is “Tuscany without tourists.” Like in Tuscany, here you should slow down to appreciate the landscapes that may well claim to be among the most beautiful in Italy. Moreover, the two regions are both famous for winemaking.
So, if you are a true wine lover, it’s time to stop, compare Chianti with Barolo in your glass, and choose your favorite! Alternatively, as trendy locals from nearby Turin and Milan do, you can head to Piedmont in winter to conquer the ski slopes. And whenever you choose to travel to Piedmont, in every season, it appears in full glory.
 Are you ready to see the birthplace of Italian cinema and top gourmet inventions such as white truffles, vermouth, chocolate, and world-famous wines? Together we will explore the extraordinary heritage of art, history, culture, and nature that characterizes Piedmont. We will travel through the most iconic places and reveal the mysterious character of Turin, the first Italian capital!
Get ready, fasten your seat belts and let’s go!  
View of the alps with green grass

Visit the Elegant Turin

“Piccola Parigi,” the locals can be heard saying when referring to Turin’s beautiful city center. “Little Paris,” as we would say, captivates tourists and locals alike. As you stroll through the center, you will discover the snow-capped Alpine mountains peeking behind its elegant architectural style and appeal.
On the outskirts, you’ll find green hills shimmering like emeralds in the sun, and sprinkled about them are charming wooden houses, whose stone roofs and specious balconies lined with lush flowers beckon you to pause to take it all in.
Marvel at the Baroque architecture while sitting at the terrace of a small local bar, celebrating life with a glass of sparkling Moscato d’Asti, or get lost in the stunning gardens of the luxurious Palazzo.
And just in case you’d like to compliment your eyes and tastes by involving your auditory senses, you can listen to the mysterious legends in front of the romantic ruins of Medieval castles. But Turin has so much more than that to offer adventurers in search of majestic landscapes and delicacies to explore and savor.
View of Turin buildings during sunset

Learn About the Fascinating Cultural Mix 

When you discover Piedmont, you will feel your breath taken away by the stunning beauty and the powerful energy of mountain peaks that invariably accompany you along the way. The Alps and the Apennines surround the region on three sides. The region even holds a name that perfectly describes its position at the foot of the Alps: pie” stands for foot and monte” for mountain.
Perhaps, you will be intrigued by the fascinating cultural mix. It appeared due to the area bordering Switzerland and France. And as you get to know Piedmont’s friendly, free-spirited inhabitants, you will notice that they consider themselves a separate ethnic group.
In addition, although the official language is Italian, and people use French in the west, locals proudly speak Piedmontese. You might be slightly confused when you hear “Grassie” instead of the familiar “Grazie.” Still, you’ve just heard” lenga piemontèisa,” one of UNESCO’s endangered languages. 

people walking in italian city

Marvel at the Majestic Lakes 

If you really love nature, traveling in Piedmont is an excellent opportunity to become an ecotourism enthusiast and head to the local majestic lakes. Spend a few days at the shore of Lake Maggiore in the famous resort town of Verbania. Walk along the atmospheric promenade by the blue waters, with picturesque pastel-colored houses and small fishing boats. 
Come to see Isola Bella Island, known for its monumental palace Palazzo Borromeo. Take your time admiring the grace of marvelous white peacocks inhabiting the lush gardens – a scene as if straight from a fairy tale. Or as an alternative, head for a weekend getaway at one of the prestigious resorts of Mergozzo and d’Orta lakes.
The Nobles preferred to relax here in the 19th century, admiring the marvelous landscape. Why don’t you follow their example? Large hotels surrounded by parks, pristine beaches, and rich forests are at your disposal. 
Lake Maggiore at sunset

Relax in the Local Spa Just as Nobles Used to

After a few days of touring Italy, you might be craving relaxation and peace. Piedmont is happy to welcome you with beautiful thermal spas. Soak in the valuable thermal springs in the warm waters of Therme Acqui.
And as you travel with your loved ones, stay at the modern health centers with excellent facilities that are perfect for a family holiday. Don’t forget to apply some of the unique local mud on your face and body to experience its’ healing effects. Apart from health benefits for the elder members of the family, this will be an unforgettable fun experience for kids.
If you are up for an even more glamorous experience, consider the resort of Terme Agliano, located in the vicinity of the city of Asti. They are valued for the particular mineral composition of the water. A great bonus – here, you can enjoy your spa sessions holding a glass of Asti, a world-famous Italian sparkling wine.
It’s widespread throughout southeastern Piedmont, but the production mainly focuses on Asti and Alba’s towns. And if you would like to spend your weekend in the exclusive resort, just as local aristocrats used to, head to the Terme Lurisia. Founded in the first half of the 20th century, it was initially available exclusively to representatives of the nobility.
Experience personal and spiritual transformation as you are recharging at the first-class balneotherapy centers and relaxing at a picturesque natural thermal grotto.
woman enjoying peaceful resort

Hit the Slopes Where the Best Athletes Compete

Whether you are an experienced athlete or just beginning to learn the basics of skiing, a few days in the Val di Susa might be a great option if you are heading to Piedmont in winter. The area combines several attractive towns with many trails, among which there are zones of very different levels of complexity.
So, get ready to ski at the famous “Milky Way,” where the world’s best athletes competed in 2006 during the Olympic Winter Games. Ski resorts are especially beneficial for families traveling with children and searching for excellent entertainment. Here you can combine an active lifestyle with fun and quality time spent together. 
family enjoying winter holiday

Catch the Spring Vibes as Millions of Tulips Bloom 

Every spring Turin is the place to admire colorful flower carpets as people from all over the world come to enjoy the beautiful tulip festival Messer Tulipano. It’s a great way to welcome spring into your life. You are sure to enjoy the reproduction of a magnificent floral arrangement of a million tulips created by the best florists in Italy.  
This doesn’t just happen anywhere – but in one of the city’s most beautiful sights – the historic castle of Castello di Pralormo. Walk among the organized rows of tulips and admire the spring vibes. Stop to buy an original bouquet for yourself or your loved one. And if you are really into gardening, you can even get some flower bulbs of your favorite tulip variety to later plant at home! Imagine how they will bloom the next year as a daily reminder of your sunny Italian days!

Prepare for the Orange Battle

For those who love history, unusual events, and have an adventurous spirit, it’s worth checking the battle of oranges in the vicinity of Turin. You’ve probably heard of the event called Storico Carnevale di Ivrea. This carnival is a historical phenomenon. It originated in the Middle Ages but was officially approved in 1808. The Orange Battle symbolizes the uprising of the residents of poor villages against tyranny. It is worth noting that the festival participants do not just go out on the street – but with proper equipment (a helmet and appropriate clothing). So, get some orange cartridges with your friends and prepare for the brightest battle of your life!
Historical Orange Battle people throwing oranges

Savor White Truffles and Cheese 

As a true gourmand, you can’t leave Piedmont without trying its main pride and joy – the truffles, pressed into truffle oil, or churned into fresh truffle butter. Cool winters, with frosts at night, and frequent fogs are favorable conditions for the growth of white, or Piedmontese, truffles. Unlike black truffles, you should consume them raw, grated on a grater, or cut them into thin slices. Join us while we follow the truffle hunters!
Those visiting between September and January have a chance to participate in a truffle hunt. Accompanied by the skillful guide, you will search for precious mushrooms with specially trained dogs. In addition, if you want a particularly rare delicacy, you can participate in a truffle auction in Alba. 
 If you appreciate cheese, then this region is right for you too. Locals have mastered the production of more than 60 types of cheese. Castelmagno cheese is truly Piedmontese in origin and is produced only in three communes of Piedmont in the province of Cuneo.
Taste this delicious semi-hard cheese in its pure form, try it with the addition of honey, or feel its creamy consistency in your mouth when it’s melted into a sauce for potato dumplings. And, of course, don’t forget to make your taste buds go WoW when pairing it with local wines.
Pasta with cheese and white truffles

Enjoy Famous Aged Wines

As a connoisseur of Italian wine, you should visit the city of Barolo, which produces an excellent red wine of the same name. Walk through the picturesque vineyards of the wine region. Meet the cheerful winemakers and visit their old wineries with full wine cabinets. Feel the goosebumps from the colder temperatures of the centuries-old dark wine cellar where the world’s most elegant wines are stored on ancient wine racks. Awake all your senses to appreciate a glass of Barolo wine that has been winning awards through the years and is often called “the Prince of Piedmont.” All of this inspires you to be storing wine and build your own wine cellar ideas with your collection tucked behind some glass doors.
Piedmont is a region of red wines, long-lived, very long-lived, which never lose their elegance. This means you can bring a bottle home and save it for a special occasion. As time passes, your wine will only become more exciting and complex. Open it in a few years for a special occasion and remember your trip to Italy! After all, great memories are among our most precious treasures! So, pack now and join us! It’s time to make warm memories in Piedmont!
shelf with famous wines

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