Intimate Group Tours: Italy From a New Perspective

by Darya Boronilo

Intimate group tours are a great way to see Italy from a new perspective, live the most immersive experiences, and socialize with people who share the same interests – love for exploring and, of course, love for Italy!–How do you picture your dream vacation in Italy? And who is traveling with you? Imagine harvesting grapes and participating in wine tastings with fellow travelers you’ve just met in small Tuscan villages. Or sharing interesting life stories as you become closer over dinner under the lemon trees in Amalfi. And then discovering Sicily from the local perspective during a fun gourmet adventure with a group of new friends.

You’ve just spent a week touring Italy together, but it seems you have known each other for years! One of the best sides of traveling in an intimate group tour is creating connections; not only do you deeply connect with the new country and culture, but also with the people around you. Exciting discoveries, happy moments, and warm memories create long-lasting friendships!

 It feels like traveling with a group of great friends, one of which is local (your guide!). As you learn how to make homemade pasta from an Italian Nonna, shop at a crowded market in Palermo, or say “cheers” in Italian when raising your glass – you will quickly understand – traveling together creates a new depth of connectivity. 

And surprisingly, when you return home on day one, you might suddenly find out – you miss Italy, new friends, Italian Nonna, and even your driver!
So, if you dream of a warm journey or perhaps even a life-changing experience, check out our fabulous ideas for the types of intimate adventures you could book as a small group tour

Family enjoying christmas dinner

Sicilian Gourmet Adventure

Looking for a unique Sicilian adventure? The small group tour of this stunning Mediterranean island offers exciting activities. Prepare for fun chats with local farmers, delicious food, and wine experiences.

Discover Taormina, the pearl of the Mediterranean, from a local’s perspective on a walking tour of the city, sip great wines at the tasting, and see how pistachios are made at a traditional farm. In Catania, learn about the daily fish catch, get some fresh seafood at the fish auction, and then participate in the hands-on cooking class from an Italian Nonna. Live the authentic village experience: make ricotta cheese and enjoy lunch prepared from locally grown ingredients. Meet new friends as you taste your way through some of Sicily’s most iconic dishes. Accompanied by a gourmet expert, you will find a perfect way to discover the best this Mediterranean island offers.

Seafood pasta on a plate

Authentic Tuscany 

A small group tour of Tuscany is the perfect way to have authentic experiences that connect you with other like-minded travelers and locals. From wine tastings and cooking classes to learning how to make pecorino cheese, you’ll be sure to have a blast while picking up some new skills along the way. And what could be better than sipping on a glass of Chianti while taking in the stunning views of the Tuscan countryside? 
Moreover, Tuscany is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the region’s incredible arts, culture, and history. Of course, you’ll start in Florence, where you’ll see some of the world’s most famous Renaissance art. But you’ll also get to explore the medieval streets of Siena and Lucca. Take your time to stroll and get a true sense of what life was like in centuries past.
Whether you’re a foodie, a wine lover, a history buff, or just looking for an immersive cultural experience, a small group tour of Tuscany is sure to exceed your expectations.

Wine experience in Tuscany

Sunny Journey at Amalfi Coast

Take a luxe journey to the Amalfi Coast and enjoy unforgettable moments amidst its breathtaking beauty. Stay at the accommodations offering incredible panoramic views, dine under the lemon trees, learn about limoncello production, take a ceramic master class, go on a private yacht to Capri Island or admire the stunning scenery from a typical Amalfitan Gozzo boat.

Walk through the winding streets of picturesque Positano and Amalfi towns that cling to the side of the cliffs. Stop for a refreshing gelato before taking in the sweeping views from one of the many cafes overlooking the shore. Shop at the chic boutiques and enjoy local cuisine at world-renowned restaurants. Pause and soak up the sun on one of the region’s idyllic beaches where Hollywood stars can often be seen. 

On this journey, you’ll be able to enjoy an intimate and exclusive experience, perfectly planned and tailor-made for you. Explore and get a taste of the celebrity lifestyle!
Lemon trees by the Amalfi Coast cliffs

Rome & Vatican Christmas Magic

There’s something special in the air during the Christmas season. Maybe it’s the way the golden lights make everything glow, or the air seems to crackle with excitement. And what better way to spend the Christmas holidays than taking a tour of Rome and Vatican City?

Rome comes alive with vivid, tastefully decorated streets, markets selling handmade gifts, and the scent of freshly baked panettone. On this tour, you’ll see some of the most famous Christmas sights in the world. First, there’s the famous Nativity scene in Vatican City. An impressive installation, presenting the scene of Jesus Christ’s birth every year is usually donated by the town and local artists. Then, there’s the giant Christmas tree at St Peter’s Square, adorned with thousands of lights and baubles. Of course, no trip would be complete without a visit to St Peter’s Basilica, where the Pope delivers his annual Midnight Mass. As you stand among the crowd of worshippers, surrounded by the magnificent architecture of this ancient church, it’s easy to see why Rome is known as the Eternal City.

But that’s not all – on this tour, you’ll also experience some authentic Italian culinary delights. You’ll visit family-run restaurants and sample traditional dishes only available at this time of the year. The cozy atmosphere of the Roman authentic restaurants creates a perfect ambiance. You will not only share meals but you will also share stories as you travel in groups together.

And, of course, you can’t leave without seeing the fireworks display above the famous Colosseum. This annual event is always spectacular, and it’s sure to get you into the spirit of Italian celebrations. Christmas may only last a few days, but its magic lingers long in the memory.  So, hug those around you and try to remember well this moment as golden sparks of fireworks are scattered above.

Christmas in the Vatican City

Why Join an Intimate Group Tour? 

Joining an intimate group means connecting with other like-minded people who share your interests. This can make for a more authentic experience. During such tour, you are more likely to bond with your fellow travelers and local residents. You will make new connections and perhaps even lifelong friendships. Such tours allow travelers to see Italy intimately and authentically.

The journey takes you off the beaten path and shows you the aspects of Italian culture and lifestyle. Those aspects can be missed on more extensive group tours or when traveling alone. Expert guides also add to the authenticity of the experience. They give you insights into exciting historical facts and traditions through stories you wouldn’t hear otherwise. And finally, as such tours are often connected to locally owned businesses, you support the local economy and people.

By sharing transportation, you are contributing to sustainability and following modern eco trends.  Becoming a more ecologically responsible traveler is trendy and good for our planet. All of these factors come together to shape an unforgettable experience. A small group tour is a perfect way to go on a unique journey. It combines the freedom of discovery with excellent travel expertise. 


Small group of friends enjoying wine

Become a Member of Our Big Italian family

Our MISSION is to ensure that you are taken care of and experience the “authentic” Italian way of life.  We strive to arrange small group tours, enhancing the Italian experience often lost in larger groups.  At our Intimate group tours, we will feel a part of an Italian family who shares stories, emotions, and a big table!

On a journey with us, you will not only see Italy, but you will also live in Italy. Cups of morning cappuccinos shared standing in that small bar, smiles, happy aperitivo hours, flour-stained faces when making ravioli, hugs under the fireworks, and much more… Warm memories you will take home will last a lifetime!

Join and live your memorable moments at our Intimate group tours! See you in Italy, ciao!


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