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Venetian Cicchetti: Eat Like a Local in Venice

One Italian tradition to experience is Venetian cicchetti: the long-standing ritual of enjoying small savory bites in local taverns called…

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Crowd in Milan during Christmas

Magical Cities in Italy for a Holiday Getaway

Christmas is Italy's most important and anticipated holiday, so preparations start in advance. In early December, locals decorate the streets…

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Coliseum with christmas lights

10 Enchanting Christmas Markets in Italy

If you're looking for a truly festive Christmas experience, there's no better place to be than Italy. Natale in Italian…

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beautiful fall landscape in Valle d'Aosta

Valle d’Aosta – Italy’s Smallest Region That Packs a Punch

Welcome to Valle d'Aosta, the smallest and least populated region in northwestern Italy. But although it might be tiny in…

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girl sitting ini her room packing

9 Things a Woman Should Pack for a Trip to Italy

Italy is the world’s fashion capital, and being among the stylish locals, you’ll want to plan what you'll wear in…

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Craved pumpkins with orange light

Italy’s Spookiest Places and Halloween Traditions

Many think Halloween is an American tradition that is not celebrated in Italy. Surprisingly, no! And although Italy's way of…

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Waiter serving white wine to a person holding a glass

Italian Terms That Aren’t Common Outside Europe

You may be surprised at how many new friends you make as you mingle over an aperitivo or linger in…

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Friends celebrating with white whine

A Brief Guide to Italian Wine Varietals

As fall approaches and the crisp autumn air falls upon us, you can finally start enjoying all those cozy fireside…

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Pasta on a plate set on a table

That’s Baloney! Why You Need to Visit Bologna

Eating in Bologna is hands-down the best to visit in Italy. Isn’t it funny how we mention food when we…

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espresso being served

Sipping in Style: 7 Classic Cafes in Rome

Italians call Rome the Eternal City, perhaps it's all the cafes in Rome that keep it awake. Each street evokes…

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