August in Italy: Relaxation, Food and Festivals

by Darya Boronilo

August in Italy is one of the busiest months for tourism and travel. Even with the hum of vigorous activity, it is not without its share of relaxation. August has eclectic festivals and exciting events; therefore, locations are busier than anticipated. Get ready to loosen your belt and open your heart so you can try all the diverse food and culture celebrated throughout August in Italy.

One of the most important and notable events is the day of Ferragosto or the Assumption of the Virgin. It is typically honoured with local celebrations and festivities. Additionally, beautiful firework displays light up the night throughout the country. The entire film industry also prepares for the famous Venice Film Festival, which usually lasts two weeks. Typically the festival falls in late August or early September and takes place on the island of Lido in northern Italy.


Travel advice: 

Most Italians look forward to resting and recharging through August. As a result, many leave the cities and go to the mountains, a country house, or a beach resort. It’s important to note that many restaurants and shops close because of the celebration of Ferragosto and the summer holidays. It’s better to plan several alternatives for your itinerary. If you spend August in Italy, attend one of the events shared below if your paths cross. Some of the events have already passed, but we did our best to share links to their websites so you can look to attend when they release next year’s dates if you’re interested.



Arts in Italy:

The 79th Venice International Film Festival 

31 August 2022 – 10 September 2022

Lido,  Venice 

This annual event is the world’s oldest and most significant film festival. It’s part of the Venice Biennale, one of the most prominent art exhibitions, which debuted in 1893. The festival raises awareness and promotes international cinema in all its forms as art and entertainment with a spirit of freedom and dialogue. Screenings take place in the majestic Palazzo del Cinema on the Lungomare Marconi. 

Photographers taking photos of model film festival

Ferrara International Buskers Festival

23-28 August 2022


August in Italy brings the biggest dedicated street art event in the world. Il Ferrara Buskers positions itself as a union of art, music, and different cultures. Making your way around the festival is a promising journey. With this experience, one can discover a new and different world as each moment passes.

Performance with audience Ferrara International Buskers Festival

Bellagio and Lake Como Festival

23 June – 26 August 2022

Lake Como

Bellagio and Lake Como Festival are hosted by a group of small local towns, creating the festival’s unique ambiance. The program includes concerts by renowned Italian and international orchestras and solo artists. The famous Italian pianist and composer Rossella Spinosa made and directed the event.

Fireworks over lake during Bellagio and Lake Como Festival

MUSIC in August:

Rossini Opera Festival 

09 Aug 2022 – 21 Aug 2022


Composer Gioachino Rossini is the inspiration behind the Rossini Opera Festival. His considerable fortune was donated to his hometown, Pesaro, leading to the creation of the Foundation and Conservatory of Music built in his name. The historical theatre Teatro Rossini and the more modern Adriatic Arena host the festival. Both are ideally suited to enjoying Rossini’s famous operas.
Rossini Opera Statue

Musica sulle Bocche Festival 

3-22 August 2022.

Northern Sardinia

The event was born in 2001 on the strait between Sardinia and Corsica called Bocche di Bonifacio.  It takes place in Santa Teresa Gallura. Prepare for the extraordinary scenery of this location with many international stars and young talents. Attend concerts at sunset and dawn to enjoy the magical atmosphere and create unforgettable memories.


HISTORY in Italy:

The Siena Palio 

16 August 2022


Palio of Siena is Italy’s most significant sporting spectacle and the world’s oldest horse race. Before the race, a historical parade, consisting of 600 characters in customs representing the 17 districts and the governors of the old Republic of Siena, takes place. Watching the Palio (and the trials on the previous days) is free. It’s necessary to arrive very early as many people are interested, and the entrance is for a limited number of guests.

The Siena Palio horse race

A Journey into the Middle Ages

25-28 August 2022


The festival takes place in the beautiful and picturesque village of Finalborgo, near Savona. It commemorates the glorious period of the XV (15th) century, when Marquis John, in just one night, reconquered the village and ended the war against the powerful Republic of Genoa. This walled village’s atmosphere is decorated with colorful flags and banners. Enjoy walking the streets surrounded by Celtic music, exotic spices, sword games, dancers, archers, and knights.
Finalborgo Italy street


Ascolive Festival

10 August 2022 – 21 August 2022


If you’re an olive lover, this festival is for you! The Ascoli stuffed olive is a local snack and uses a recipe handed down through the generations. As you will discover, creating this local tradition includes making brined olives and stuffing them with a mixture of meat, finishing by frying them. Taste an award-winning fried Stuffed Olive and discover more about the Marche region while you’re there.

Stuffed Olives in Ascoli Festival

Italian Porchetta Feast

18-23 August 2022


Celebrate delicious Porchetta and its traditions during this six-day festival in Italy near the end of August. This practice produces one of the most delicious and flavourful dishes you’ll ever get the chance to enjoy. Apart from tastings, the feast and festival include many live concerts and an interesting amateur culinary challenge. The banquet represents one of the largest gatherings dedicated to the traditional culinary art of creating Porchetta.

Porchetta Feast Italian Food Festival
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