Amalfi Coast in August

by Darya Boronilo

You have worked hard for this vacation, and as August approaches, you decided, “That’s enough!”. Yesterday you scrolled your Instagram feed and fell in love with the breathtaking beauty of the Amalfi coast in August. Picturesque road passing above the cliffs and through the azure water beaches, romantic dinners under the lemon trees topped with homemade limoncello shots, morning coffee by the pool overlooking Positano. “This is the vacation I deserve,” you think, imagining fancy holidays and your future posts that make everyone around so jealous. 


The day has come to travel to that dream destination you fell in love with not so long ago, and you have arrived! But soon, you understand you are not the only one making smart plans. As a foreigner, you didn’t know of Ferragosto.”
These are the holidays when all the Italians and many other Europeans head on their long-planned vacation. 

  • You end up taking a crowded bus to Amalfi. It fills up quickly as sweaty passengers with no seats decide to ride standing, filling the aisles. You don’t usually, but you begin to feel claustrophobic; you begin to feel dizzy and as if you are starting to suffocate. 
  • Thankfully, you arrive; however, due to the long ride with many stops, you are hungry, tired, and ready to pay a high price for your lunch. You can’t sit at a table in the restaurant; there are just no accessible seats. 
  • The streets are as crowded as on a busy market day. 
  • The beach has neither sunbeds nor umbrellas left.  
  • Your dream of visiting Capri just died; all the locals said you should not even attempt to go there now; there will be no free spot. 
  • The next day you see the situation is the same. Crowded ferries and trains where you have to “hug” other passengers as there is no space. 

Young woman with long flowing hair walking down a set up stairs to a large group of people overlooking the Amalfi Coast from a high view

Now you are too tired to search and plan anything extra. You overpaid for everything starting from mediocre accommodation and up to prices for dinners at purely touristic spots. Your vacation is ruined. You do not want any souvenirs; all you wish is to return home. And, of course, you wonder, “what did I do wrong?” 


When next time your clients say they can easily plan a summer vacation in Italy by themselves, have this story in mind. 

is where you find out that SeeItalyTravel is for you!

When you partner with our agency, we can guarantee your clients will never face the fate of the poor tourist whose story is shared above. Our experts plan unique journeys that feel authentic and personal even at Italy’s most popular spots during high seasons, like the Amalfi Coast in August. With us, you can: 

  • Have an unforgettable ride in the Cabrio while enjoying the views of the Amalfi coast 
  • Take a private boat tour and swim at Capri’s most exclusive beaches. 
  • Visit the lemon gardens and try the homemade limoncello in the shade of the trees. 
  • Touch the sky at “The Path of Gods” sipping wine at sunset 
  • Enjoy a freshly prepared Italian dinner and warm conversations with the local host 

And much more!

calm woman enjoying Amalfi Coast Italy


With us, a traveler feels like neither a client nor a tourist. But instead, our guest! And as a hospitable host should, we will show the best spots most authentically.  

SeeItalyTravel is your perfect balance between the freedom of discovery and professionalism of planning.   

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