Remarkable Itineraries That Bring You A World of Clients

Short Or Long Term View?... Ciao Friend, Since I have been doing more videos this year and I am now in need of more topics to keep everybody engaged, myself included. I recently read an article titled “Choose your team!” in Agent @ Home magazine (which I personally adore) that provided my inspiration for this week’s topic. I am constantly asked to book just a transfer, a hotel or a restaurant reservation but my favorite requests are from those agents that book everything on their own and when they have an issue in one of the locations where the hotels are sold out, they call me to solve their problem. We love taking care of our clients, it gives us great satisfaction to help others. But we’re not wired to have short term relationships. Maybe there’s some Sicilian blood running through our veins because we don’t date, we go straight into fidanzati, becoming engaged, when our hearts and our
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