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The Importance of Using a Travel Professional...

Many times clients ask me why they should use a travel professional to book their trips and more times than not, I am puzzled by the question because it already speaks for itself.

A travel professional is somebody that knows everything and has experienced first hand the places is talking about. A travel professional should be a person that breathes, loves, talks and gets excited about the places they are about to send you to. A person that knows everything about the region, the people, the food and wine and their traditions. This is why they are experts! If they have never traveled to that place they are talking about I personally believe they should reconsider their title.

In my case, after four children and for the love of my country, I could only concentrate on one thing, ITALY. Besides children or not, this is the only country at the moment, and things can change in the future you never know, that really spoke to me!

I decided to focus on that beautiful and inspiring place a place that people love to go back to over and over. I highly believe that if you have not experienced a place, you cannot be considered a travel professional but as you know, each opinion is different.

Laura Massoni

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