Remarkable Itineraries That Bring You A World of Clients

Fall In Love With Authenticity...Wow! What a week this has been…this is my expression of joy for all the things I have been able to experience while traveling through Italy with my kids. Most of you know how my life is fueled by the feelings I get from sharing the country I love with my clients and being able to introduce them to an authentic Italy through my associates who love what they do and are passionate about it. Well, my experience this week while traveling with my own children is giving me a whole new level of joy. I love the fact my kids are experiencing the authentic Italy even when traveling through Florence, which has more than its share of tourist attractions. But we have done much more than that! We are now traveling through the Cilento Coast, a beautiful area located in the southern part of Amalfi, which is in the Salerno province of the Campania
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