Remarkable Itineraries That Bring You A World of Clients

Overwhelmed By The Unknown...Ciao Friend, I'm back! I have just returned from a month and half of pure Italian bliss. I traveled with my four children and we chilled, we enjoyed the people, we loved, fully, our Italian family and for sure we ate. Then we ate more, more than we ever could have imagined and with the beauty that at every meal we were hungry once again. How can that be? Fresh food, lots of walking and pure happiness helped us enjoy everything and allowed us to live in the moment without feeling overwhelmed by choices. Life in Italy seems easier to me, only the Italians themselves don’t think so. Why? Italy is one of the best countries to live in because of its pure and simple lifestyle… unfortunately politics and daily drama spoil the local’s serenity. But that didn’t spoil my bliss. With the fresh memory of that bliss comes also the realization that my life in
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