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Small Group Tours

Curious to learn more about our unique and handcrafted small group travel experiences? Our dedicated Travel Planners would be happy to give you more information! Please see our currently available small group tours below, or email us at, or call us at 1-858-201-6424, to get in touch with us today and start planning your custom trip.

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Unconventional Tuscany

Destination: Tuscany

Days: 10

Visiting Unconventional Tuscany means rediscovering the pleasure of slowing down, living the Tuscan lifestyle, and discovering the taste of wine, local food… Read More »

Sights & Smells of Sicily

Destination: Sicily

Days: 13

Mention Sicily to an Italian and they’ll bring up one topic – food and wine! Sicily’s varied landscapes – spanning craggy… Read More »

Valtellina & Franciacorta

Destination: Lombardy

Days: 10

Whether you want to visit a goat cheese farm, ride the UNESCO Bernina Red Train, or visit top lakes like Lake… Read More »

A Journey with Jan Clemens through the local flavors

A Journey with Jan Clemens through the local flavors

Destination: Veneto & Trentino

Days: 9

Discover the "Serenissima" while relaxing on a boat trip in the South Laguna. The unforgettable experience of seeing the glittering canal… Read More »

Ric Orlando

Discover Sicily with chef Ric Orlando

Destination: Sicily

Days: 9

Discover Sicily with Ric Orlando,  a renown chef that has rekindled his Sicilian roots and wants you to join along side… Read More »

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