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The Blog Roll Notes From Laura

Story of the South

This story is not about King’s landing and has nothing to do with Wildlings or the White Walkers from the north in the Game of Thrones saga. This IS a story about the south of both Italy and the United States. That’s right! For some reason I don’t like the north that much which is odd… Read More »

Why Women Should Travel Together

Google needs to reboot its imagination. Recently, we were researching a special trip for a group of women travelers. Out of curiosity, I started typing “ladies who travel…” into google. My jaw dropped after the first two words: As you can see for yourself, the results were rather… limiting. How about…? * ladies who thrive! *… Read More »

Italy Experts – Authentically

I’m traveling this week for my oldest daughter’s college graduation and I’ve taken a few minutes to record personal message after making a personal discovery during my trip. I hope you enjoy the message, and the humor. Enjoy your week. Stay safe, be prosperous and love life. Ciao, In case you didn’t know, we have… Read More »

Beautiful field

5 Untouched Italian Towns Travelers Will Love

Rome. Venice. Florence. There’s a reason this holy trinity of travel is world-famed. You can stand in awe of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. You can glide down the Grand Canal in a gondola. Or, you might scale 463 stairs to the dome of Florence’s Duomo. Believe us, they’re all must-do Italy experiences. But being known to… Read More »


Sipping in Style: 5 Classic Cafes in Rome

Italians call Rome the Eternal City. Each street evokes echoes of Italy’s epic past – from ancient temples to Renaissance fountains. With so many antiquities on display, it’s easy to overlook the soft grandeur of Rome’s recent past. Inside Rome’s historic cafes, for instance, you can savor stylish interiors from the 1800s and the 1900s. In these… Read More »

See Italy Travel Windmill

Imitation by Definition is NOT Original!

How do you feel when you purchase a premium item or an original of something? I’m sure if you receive something of value, regardless of cost, then you feel great! But if you don’t perceive that you are getting value then don’t you feel like something is wrong? When you hear from someone or a source that… Read More »

See Italy Travel Beautiful View

Italy Trip

This summer, many tourists will flock to the Amalfi Coast and other big beach resorts. But, today, I want to share with you some Italian gems few tourists know about — Italy’s glorious lakes. Lakes are sprinkled throughout the Italian peninsula—from blue-green pools in the Alps to lovely lochs near Milan. Lakes like Garda are… Read More »

MORE than One True Love

Can you have MORE than One True Love?

Since our inception See Italy Travel has focused only on our one true love, Italy.Recently we have begun the process of expanding our focus to include SICILY. We have done a great job of discovering the best of Italy and combining those locations and personal interactions with authentic local Italians. The result has been nothing less… Read More »

Springtime in Italy

Springtime in Italy!

With April fast upon us, spring has arrived in Italy! Olive trees are blooming. Fields brim with crimson poppies. And, golden ground morphs into verdant valleys. A bounty of vegetables accompanies the sunny months. In springtime, you’ll find artichokes, berries, and asparagus. By mid-June, the first zucchini starts appearing at Italy’s farm stands. Alongside the… Read More »

Doesn’t Everybody Love K-U-D-O-S?...Sometimes it’s the little things that affect you the most… A friend shared the following back-and-forth among some agents from earlier this week. Their kind and heartfelt words really touched me and the See Italy team. I am so honored by their thoughts that I struggled to find the right words to express my feelings. I guess that makes me almost speechless. Right? Well, those of you who know me realize that the words speechless and Laura Massoni don’t belong in the same sentence so I have worked to overcome my temporary lack of words. It truly is a wonderful feeling knowing that our clients recognize us as a premier supplier to Italy. We want to thank all of our clients who have allowed us to build something so special. We are blessed to be in a position where our greatest satisfaction comes from your happy clients on a daily basis. But what does that mean? Well, read

Read More

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