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The Blog Roll Notes From Laura

Are you simply taking orders or are you crafting dreams?

…At some point every summer I get to the point when I just give in, I just give my kids what they want, pasta for lunch and dinner, Gelato for their afternoon snack and then candy after dinner. Sometimes it takes more energy than I have to do the right thing. Of course I will pay… Read More »

Discover Italy’s Secret

Summer in Italy means two things: sole e mare — sun and sea. Italy borders salt water on three sides. With 7,600 kilometers of shoreline, it’s no surprise that folks flock to Italy’s beaches when the heat hits. Areas like the Cinque Terre and the Amalfi Coast are immensely popular — luring foreign travelers with their crystal-blue… Read More »

Business or hobby? How do you measure success?

Sometimes I wish that I were still a kid playing at the beach all summer long or doing hop scotch with the neighbor kids. Sometimes I catch myself wishing that I could just talk about Italy all day long while casually helping friends with travel bookings. But as often happens when you let yourself daydream,… Read More »

Fall in Love with Italy…

Fall in Italy is a glorious time to travel — Forests molt into thickets of red and orange leaves. After ripening all summer, olives are ready to be picked. Vines, heavy with fruit, await the annual vendemmia — the grape harvest. And, slowly, crisp afternoons replace the August heat. If your clients want to go to Italy during… Read More »

It is surely looking a lot like…Sicily

Well yes, you are always welcome in our family but lately our house has been very much under siege…boxes, mess, disorganization while organizing and preparing for the next chapter in our family history. If you haven’t heard yet, in a little less than a month, we will plant our feet at the toe of the Italian boot for… Read More »

Livin’ la Dolce Vita — the Sweet Life

Italy is famed for la dolce vita – the sweet life. This phrase means a carefree, plentiful way of living. Relax, sip some wine, and don’t stress. It’s why overworked Americans love Italy so much – once there, they’re obliged not to take life too seriously. In Italy, actual desserts – or dolci – play a big role in the sweetness of Italians’ daily life –… Read More »


I’ve said over and over again that the See Italy Travel team is motivated by their passion to share the Italy they know and love with as many people around the world as possible. You might find yourself asking “What does ‘motivated by their passion’ mean?” Let me answer that by giving you the following examples.… Read More »

See Italy, Transform Your Life

Travel isn’t about getting from point A to point B. Travel moves us, opening up the world beyond our usual horizon. Travel lets us unearth the unfamiliar, transcending the distance between here and there – us and them.  On a terra cotta terrace, you ponder the sun setting on Umbria’s gold-hued hills. In a village in Puglia, a… Read More »


Of course, we love the usual Italian tourist destinations. They are among the most popular destinations in the world for a reason. BUT we add a twist because it’s the best way to ensure that we deliver amazing travel memories for your clients who then become repeat customers for you, our travel agency partners. We love making our… Read More »

Southern Italy Is... Trulli Memorable

Southern Italy Is… Trulli Memorable

With August almost here, it’s hard to believe that the fall will soon be upon us. Autumn in Italy is harvest time — when grapes that ripened all summer in the sun are finally plucked. In the Italian countryside, you’ll see hills ablaze in red, yellow and orange foliage. Festivals honoring local foods — white truffles in Alba… Read More »

Would you like a local Italian concierge?...Isn’t it a horrible feeling to find out, after the fact, that your clients had issues during their trip? You know what I’m talking about, that nauseating, awful feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when something bad happens to you that could have been avoided. It’s like being late for an appointment and then being pulled over for speeding because you were pushing the limit. As a result you are still late AND at least $100 poorer for it. How do I relate speeding to your clients having problems on their trip? Well, you do have an emergency number for your supplier don’t you? If you don’t provide your supplier’s emergency number to your clients then you are choosing to risk the quality of their travel experience, just like choosing to risk a ticket when speeding. Travel agents often make this risky choice out of fear of losing control of the booking or fear of losing

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