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The Blog Roll Notes From Laura

It’s beginning to look a lot like Sicily

Well, yes, the holidays have ended and we’ve flipped the calendar to 2018. The big meals, on the other hand, continue on in Sicily as if every day of the week is cause for a celebratory feast. The New Year and the new booking season have made me realize that I am feeling as giddy as… Read More »

Are you for real?

We’re living in a farm-to-table age. We’ve all heard phrases like “straight from the source” before. But, when it comes to travel, doesn’t every trip go right to the source? After all –– Italy’s Italy, no? Countless companies will claim to bring you a local experience. So, how can you tell the real deal from a… Read More »

Sometimes you just have to let it happen.

I’m so exhausted this week that I don’t have the energy to put together even one “Italian best-practice sales tip.” Instead what I have for you is an outpouring from my heart about the need for connection. This connection was a key factor in our family deciding to relocate to Sicily. A sense of belonging was needed… Read More »

Grief or Gift?

Imagine it’s Christmas morning. You’ve eagerly waited for months, barely able to hold back your anticipation. You run downstairs and find a big pile of gifts with your name on them. Santa’s been very kind to you this year, it seems. So, you dig in – unwrapping gift after brightly-colored gift. You’re so excited, hoping… Read More »

From Sicily with love

Welcome to 2018. Since many of you have asked about how it’s going in Sicily, I thought that I would make a short video to fill you in on my experience so far. Click on the video below, send me an email or give me a call and I will happily catch you up on the… Read More »

The secret to joy…

I’ll be honest, I’ve given up on silly New Year’s promises. * I’m not going to kid myself that I’ll lose 50 pounds. * I’m not going to bake bread from scratch every day. * I’m not going to master Chinese in the next 4 months. Instead of criticizing myself for what I’ve been doing… Read More »

Arrivederci 2017, Ciao 2018

2017 has been an amazing year thanks to all of you. My wish to you is for 2018 to be the most fulfilling and joy-filled year possible in every aspect of your lives. Felice anno nuovo, *** Please note that our offices will be closed on 1/1/18.

Say cheese!

I hope you’ve enjoyed a warm holiday season – filled with a multitude of merriment and family fun. After spending three weeks in Italy, it’s been heartening for me to return home during the holidays –when we gather with loved ones around time-honored traditions, passed from one generation to the next. It’s almost like being back in Italy!… Read More »

Buone Feste!

Happy Holidays from the See Italy Travel Team! We would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and please know that you mean the world to us. We LIVE to share the Italy with as many people as possible and we LOVE what we do! The plain truth is that without you we would not be able… Read More »

The Art of Travel

Today marks the fifteenth day that I’ve been in Italy. I’ve drunk in the sights (and a cup or two of Chianti). I’ve wandered medieval stone streets. And, of course, I’ve eaten my share of tortellini, prosciutto and tiramisù. But, ya know what? Before I worked in travel, I was an annoyingly know-it-all traveler. I’d research… Read More »

Doing the right thing is a good karma…believe me...Well, I’ve just had another one of those soul-searching weeks where doing the right thing created positive karma once again. I actually call it GPA…God Protection Agency! While walking my kids to school this morning I asked my mom her opinion on how to make important decisions. We ALL know that mothers have a well of infinite wisdom. Right? The truth is that my nonna’s well is DEEP! She essentially said that if you believe that you are making a good decision, then act on your choice and…move on… When we first moved to Italy in September we really took a leap of faith and just did it. There was nothing perfect or easy about our relocation, but leading up to our decision, my husband Michael and I kept noticing what we perceived as a bunch of open doors. We interpreted them as signs of something greater than ourselves pointing the way and urging us to live in Italy…until we

Read More