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Business or hobby? How do you measure success?

Sometimes I wish that I were still a kid playing at the beach all summer long or doing hop scotch with the neighbor kids. Sometimes I catch myself wishing that I could just talk about Italy all day long while casually helping friends with travel bookings. But as often happens when you let yourself daydream, reality snaps you to attention reminding you that you are working to send your kids to good schools and put food on the table. Not the over processed, pre-packaged food that makes you feel bloated and lethargic. We’re Italian for goodness sake, we have to eat good food! Good healthy food is expensive, but you KNOW it’s worth the expense as you savor each delicious bite. The fact that you live longer by eating well makes the expense a bargain! Don’t you agree?

Good, quality vacations aren’t cheap either because it costs money to create the experiences which generate the memories of our clients’ lives. A vast majority of people know quality the instant they experience it. Those that don’t also likely won’t appreciate the value of a professional travel consultant, and likely will book their own travel using the internet now and in the future.

I’ve learned that making a quick sale doesn’t help anyone. Usually you have to cut your profit to the bone in order to make that “easy” commission check, and you can be sure that you won’t see that client again, let alone a 3rd time. And being honest, don’t these clients end up taking more of your time in the long run?

No one can be an expert in everything but we are YOUR expert in Italian Travel. When you come to us you can rest assured that we have extensive experience and that we will select the right partner, accommodations and guides for your clients.

As we’ve grown we have realized that, among other things, WE ARE NOT, and never will be, expert bookkeepers, accountants and tax preparers. Of course, we could spend our time doing these tasks, but we would be inefficient at best and at worst we could make costly mistakes. So we hire professionals to do these tasks for us.

Your first thought might be that we are wasting money by paying other people to do work that we could do ourselves. But if you think about it, we are much better off making this choice because we NOW spend that extra time MAKING money by doing the things that we have mastered and are efficient doing.

Having offices in the United States AND in Italy is REALLY important for the successful enjoyment of your traveling clients. Being here AND there provides complete coverage for travelers. You get to sleep easy, knowing that you will never be disturbed after business hours because we are the ones contacted if problems arise or if plans change mid trip. One of the most appreciated things we do is proactively contacting your clients when they are in Italy. In order to do this we have to hire associates to fully staff both offices. While this isn’t cheap, it is a wise investment of our resources.

Although I LOVE working IN the business more than anything, sometimes I need to work ON the business. We are growing and as we grow we hire experts to help us navigate all that goes into managing our business.

Collectively we are very accomplished, professional and have built a reputation that is second to none. Individually, we have people that are expert itinerary builders, while others are masters at creating group itineraries, and others who excel creating systems and procedures. Everyone here realizes that no one can do it all and that each of them are valued for the unique part they play in the organization.


We realized that our talents helped us become the go-to resource for Italian travel and we learned to stop wasting our time doing things that we aren’t good at like taxes and book keeping. We learned to value the experts we hire and stopped wasting time to trying to be what we are not.

Maybe it’s time for you to consider partnering with us and making us your Italy expert. You will instantly have the Italian connections you don’t have now and don’t have time to build. You will instantly have decades of Italian travel experience at your fingertips and you will become an Italian expert by association without all of the hard work and years needed.

Don’t try to build an exclusive itinerary by booking the best hotels on Expedia for Agents because it is quick or on Viator because it is convenient. Let your partners help you be the best because remember, a company is only as good as the sum of its individual contributors.

No great company was built by ONE person alone…I know from personal experience because I couldn’t have built See Italy by myself. However, the company that you build will only happen when you have a clear VISION of what you want to accomplish in the long run and are willing to enlist help when needed…so, dream, live, love and trust in your own ability to know when you need help and who you should partner with.


See Italy is a division of the Laura Massoni Travel Corporation.